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How much does it cost to become an AR Homes® franchisee?

The initial Franchise Fee is $50,000. Continuing Royalty Fees range from 3.5% to 4.25% of the selling price of homes or home and lot

Is there a requirement that all franchises must build and operate a model home?

Yes all franchisees must own and operate at least one model home. Many franchisees have multiple models. One of the major benefits of our system is that each franchisee can use other franchisees’ model homes to help their sales process.

Do you help identify the best location for my model home?

Absolutely. Our field team of knowledgeable experts in operations, sales, marketing and design will assist you in identifying the optimum location for your initial, as well as all future model homes.

Does AR Homes® assist in the design and opening of my model home?

Our model design process is vigorous and exacting. AR Homes® has one of the largest and most talented residential architectural and interior design teams in the country with over 100 people on staff in St. Petersburg, FL and Charlotte, NC to serve our franchisees.

Will AR Homes® help with the model home financing process?

Yes we are continually shopping and negotiating model financing programs from banks, mortgage companies and private equity companies to serve the needs of our franchisees.

What is the availability of an AR franchise in my area?

We are currently offering franchise territories in 19 states. We will help to determine if an AR franchise could be successful in your area.

Do you offer training for both me and my employees?

We offer a full range of training for each of the Job Descriptions of personnel in your building company. These programs are provided by our Learning and Development team via video programs, virtual webinars, group meetings, as well as, in person visits to your office.

Do I need to have prior experience in home building or home design?

The majority of our franchisees are owners of small to medium sized custom building companies or former executives of regional or national large builders. Some of these franchisees are not involved in the day to day operations of their companies and hire an experienced manager as a Building Company President. If you wish to invest in a franchise and have no homebuilding experience, we will help you select an experienced manager to run the day to day operation of the franchise.